Mobile Duress Solution for Employee Safety Monitoring

Personal Duress Button

Silent alarm solution with thumb-sized button for quick and easy location notifications.

Field Visibility

Enterprise-grade GPS tracker to capture location history, real-time map location, mileage capture, and more.


Comfortable lanyard to wear around the neck or clip options for belts, pockets, bags and packs.


Compact, water-resistant device with 7-14 days of battery life.

Custom Notifications

Multiple alert options that include custom geofence alerts to track workers and vehicles.

Safety Functions

The time it takes an employee to pull out a cell phone, unlock it, dial a number, and wait for an answer is far too long to notify someone they are in a dangerous situation. With PERSA, mobile employees can send out duress alerts at the push of a button to anyone of your choice. Email and SMS alerts are both available as well as call center services for dispatching authorities.


Request immediate assistance via text, email, live monitoring for 911 call


Notification of a concerning situation via text or email


Required check in or alerts are generated

Employee Safety

PERSA comes equipped with a built in GPS tracker which allows employers to monitor their mobile employees throughout the day.

This can benefit employers by allowing them to keep track of:

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